Meet the dedicated team driving our mission to engage with governmental representatives, cultivate meaningful relationships with our community, and advocate for policies that align with our values. 

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    Denis Dunn

    Associate Vice President for Government Relations and Institutional Partnerships Senior Leadership

    Phone: 202-319-6616
    Office: USCCB 138

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    Jack Shannon

    Assistant Vice President, Strategic Alliances Institutional Partnerships

    Phone: 202-319-5150
    Office: USCCB 139
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    Jo Anna Norris

    Assistant Vice President, Institutional Partnerships

    Phone: 202-319-6913
    Office: USCCB 145
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    Sandra Zupan

    Senior Associate Director, Institutional Partnerships

    Phone: 202-319-5593
    Office: USCCB 148
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    Sonnya Morales

    Director of Corporate Partnerships, Institutional Partnerships

    Phone: 202-319-4305
    Office: USCCB 141

 What We Do:

  • Community Relations

    We help build social capital in the Greater Brookland neighborhood and District of Columbia. We serve as the University’s liaison to our neighbors and the surrounding community, fostering positive two-way relationships with them; promoting community services, programs, and events; and coordinating meetings with District officials, neighborhood groups, and community organizations.
  • District Relations

    We build relationships with the DC Mayor, Council, and District officials in order to represent the University to them, remain well-versed on legislation that might impact the University, secure funding for University priorities, and foster public-private partnerships.
  • Federal Relations

    We cultivate relationships with officials and staff of the U.S. Congress, the White House, and U.S. government departments and agencies in order to represent the University to them and to remain abreast of pending federal legislation, executive decisions, and federal government actions that might impact the University.
  • Government Funding

    Recognizing the critical role that government funding can play in enabling the University to achieve various institutional priorities, we collaborate with a range of University colleagues, members of the University’s Board of Trustees, alumni, public officials, and civic leaders to build relationships and an advocacy network that will represent the University interests.
  • Government Policy

    Given the potential impact of federal and state policies on higher education, we monitor relevant legislative, regulatory, and policy issues, and we advocate the University’s positions on public policy issues to elected and appointed officials.