To function effectively as a manager, one must understand not only the work environment and the internal functioning of organizations, but also the influence of political, social, ethical, international, technological, economic and environmental issues. Managers must be able to think critically, to analyze situations in a variety of different contexts, to apply theoretical knowledge to real world situations, and to develop cogent arguments and substantiate their ideas through the techniques of persuasion and documentation. The Business Management Certificate program provides students with instruction in each of these important areas.

Who would most benefit?

The Business Management Certificate Program is designed for those who needed a better understanding of both the functional areas of business and the context in which management decisions are made. The program is ideal for new and aspiring managers, entrepreneurs, and those planning to enroll in an MBA program - anyone who would benefit from an understanding of management and business concepts.


To earn the Certificate, students must complete 7 courses with a "C" or better. Students who have already completed similar courses at other institutions may apply for transfer credit, but they must complete at least six courses at The Catholic University of America to earn the certificate.


Courses are scheduled on an accelerated basis, enabling students to complete the entire program in as little as one calendar year. Courses typically meet either:

  • One evening per week, 5:30 - 9:45 pm, for a half-semester, OR
  • One evening per week, e.g., 6:10 to 8:40 pm, for a full semester. Courses involving more complex concepts and quantitative courses tend to meet on this schedule.

To complete the Certificate in a calendar year, students would normally take, for example, one full-semester course (meeting, e.g., every Tuesday evening for the full semester) and two half-semester courses (meeting, e.g., on Thursday evenings - one in the first half of the semester, and another meeting during the second half of the semester). Typically, credits earned toward a certificate program may be applied toward Catholic University's bachelor's degree programs as well.

Gainful Employment Data

The Department of Education requires that schools post Gainful Employment Data for certain types of programs, including this one. The required information on this program is available here.