A Master of Science in Social Service Administration (M.S.-S.S.A.) is a professional degree designed to prepare students for leadership and managerial roles in social service organizations.  Students are given a strong foundation in analytical problem solving, budgeting and finance, ethics, legal and policy analyses.  The M.S.-S.S.A. is similar to a M.S.W. but differs in that whereas an M.S.W. prepares students to be social work practitioners, the M.S.-S.S.A. prepares student to manage a social work practice.

The M.S.-S.S.A. program will consist of 40 credits split between a foundational curriculum of 25 credits and a specialized curriculum of 15 credits.  The curriculum is designed to be completed within 4 term full time or 7 terms part time, with the capstone course being the sole class taken in any students' final semester.  All students will be required to take the Catholic Servant Leadership Course and the Principles of Ethical Leadership Course during their first term of the program.