Of the three bachelor's degree programs offered by the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.I.S.) is the ideal choice for adult learners wishing to gain exposure to a broad range of subject areas, to customize a degree program of particular interest, or to major in either social science or social work. The program is distinguished by its particularly strong foundation in liberal education and a curricular flexibility. Prospective students are invited to view the general degree requirements for the B.A.I.S. degree as well as academic worksheets showing detailed requirements for each of the majors.

The Metropolitan School of Professional Studies offers evening programs for adult learners seeking bachelor's and master's degrees. Students can choose from a combination of on-campus and online classes that accommodate the schedules of working professionals. 

Social Work Major

The B.A.I.S. degree with a major in Social Work is the best degree option at MSPS for those interested specifically in a career in social work. Students pursuing the major in Social Work follow the B.A.I.S. curriculum, incorporating 54 credits of designated courses in the field of social work as part of the requirements.

The Social Work program includes numerous courses offered by Catholic University's National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS). These courses require a flexible schedule and a higher (NCSSS) tuition rate. Because of the cooperative arrangement between MSPS and NCSSS, graduates of the Social Work program may be eligible for advanced standing in the M.S.W. program offered by NCSSS.