The Masters in Church Administration (M.C.A.) degree is a one-year residential program providing graduate education for curial and parochial officials engaged in a wide variety of ministries in the diocese other than Canonical Affairs or the Diocesan Tribunal.

The M.C.A. offers a foundation in Church law combined with a second focus of study from other Schools at the Catholic University of America and which would reflect the individual's present or future diocesan service - for example, business administration, theology (spirituality, ecumenism, systematic theology, liturgy, etc.), sociology.

The M.C.A. is not an ecclesiastical degree and is distinct from the licentiate in canon law (J.C.L.) and the doctor of canon law (J.C.D.) degrees offered by the School. After earning the M.C.A. degree, a student could apply to enter the licentiate program in canon law. Provided the prerequisites for the licentiate degree are fulfilled (that is, cycle one courses), the Dean would consider a request to apply the canon law courses already completed toward the required courses for the J.C.L. degree.