It is our goal that the students graduating from our M.A. program display a solid knowledge of the developments in Hispanic Literature and Culture in both Peninsular Europe and Spanish America.

We want our students to be able to place the literary works they study in the historical and cultural context of their time and their place of composition and to provide insightful critical analysis of these works. Our M.A. graduates will be familiar with canonical works representing the major areas in the study of Hispanic Literatures and Cultures and they will be equipped with both the theoretical foundation and the practical experience to pursue positions teaching Spanish at High Schools and Community Colleges.

Our M.A. program provides students with the fundamentals required as a prerequisite to pursue doctoral work in the field, and provides students who pursue a terminal M.A. degree the necessary tools and experience to teach Spanish. The curriculum is also designed to serve as a strong foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in the cultural or social service sector, in government positions, or on the free market.