The M.A. degree program in Medieval and Byzantine Studies offers students broad and interdisciplinary training in various components of medieval civilization, providing both perspective and tools for specialized research.

The program recognizes the complex intertwining of religious studies, philosophy, history, languages, literatures, and cultures for advanced study in any field. Thus it draws upon course offerings from the School of Arts and Sciences, Canon Law, Music, Philosophy, and Theology and Religious Studies.

Research areas

  • The Medieval West
  • Byzantine and Orthodox Studies
  • The Islamic World


  • 10 approved graduate courses (30 credit hours) in a distribution determined by the primary area. For students choosing the thesis option, two of those 10 courses (6 credit hours) will consist of thesis advising.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.2
  • Demonstrated competence in M.A.-level Latin, Greek, or Arabic, depending on the focus area.
  • Demonstrated reading knowledge of one modern research language.
  • Competence in additional medieval languages may be required if necessary for research purposes.
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Research requirement:
    • Non-thesis option: Two substantive research papers submitted for review and approval by a faculty committee appointed by the program director.
    • Thesis option: Successful completion of the M.A. thesis.