The Department of Library and Information Science and the Department of History in the School of Arts and Sciences offer a joint-degree program requiring a total of 51 semester hours of graduate credit, 21 in history and 30 in library and information science.

Joint-degree programs provide students with opportunities to combine work in two disciplines in order to acquire competence in specialized areas of library and information science. In general, such programs allow students to obtain two graduate degrees sooner than they could acquire each independently. Applicants for joint degrees must submit one online application to the University, noting the student's intention to acquire both degrees. Be sure to submit all required documents for both programs because application requirements for each program may differ. Joint degrees are conferred simultaneously after all requirements for both degrees have been met.


For the Department of Library and Information Science:
  • Completed online application for admission to graduate studies
  • Official transcripts sent directly from the regionally accredited college or university that awarded the applicant's B.A. or B.S. degree.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores if applicant earned less than a 3.0 in undergraduate work.
  • A 500-700 word personal statement about how your current and/or past academic and work experiences, including volunteer work, have influenced your ability to become a leader in your field.
  • Three letters of reference from persons who can attest to your ability to perform graduate level studies.

For the Department of History:

  • Standard graduate application form
  • Official transcript of undergraduate grades. It is not necessary for an applicant to have been a history major at the undergraduate level, but ordinarily the department would expect a minimum of 18 undergraduate semester credits in history and 12 in other areas of the social sciences or humanities.
  • The general portion of the Graduate Record Examination (the department does not require the history examination)
  • At least three letters of recommendation — preferably by professors from the applicant's previous academic program — attesting to the applicant's ability to perform graduate-level work.
  • A sample of writing, which should be a research paper on an academic subject, preferably history.


  • 54 credit hours: 24 in English and 30 in Library and Information Science
  • GPA: 3.0 or higher