The Ph.D. in Catechetics prepares the student for advanced research, writing, and teaching at the college, university, and seminary levels.

Since Catechetics is an academic discipline that, by its nature, is interdisciplinary, courses from the various academic areas of the school may be taken.

Program Overview

  • Assessment Interview takes place prior to registration and then at midterm of the first semester.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of coursework after the M.A. degree; 36 hours if the student has an M.A. from another academic discipline.
  • 12-15 credit hours are to be taken in Catechetics and foundational courses at the 700-level (lecture) and 800-level (seminar).
  • 9-12 credit hours in an academic area of theology and religious studies for a minor area.
  • 6 credit hours may be taken in an allied area outside the major and minor area of concentration offered in the School of Theology and Religious Studies or another school of the University.