The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers Ph.D. programs in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary critical and theoretical tools to understanding Hispanic cultural production. Students engage in the study of Peninsular and Spanish American literatures and cultures through seminars taught by active and committed scholars in the fields of Renaissance-Golden Age, Modern and Contemporary Peninsular, Colonial, Modern and Contemporary Spanish America.

In addition to the development of critical and research skills, students have the opportunity to develop their mastery of the art of teaching under the supervision of faculty skilled in second language acquisition. The location of The Catholic University of America campus allows students easy access to Washington D.C's valuable cultural resources and research facilities such as the Hispanic Division at the Library of Congress and the Washington Research Library Consortium.


The Ph.D. Program in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures prepares students to be well-rounded scholars able to conduct independent research of publishable quality in their fields of specialization. We place great emphasis in assisting our students in the process of establishing an academic dialogue with colleagues in their own and other fields. Our low faculty-student ratio allows for very close faculty mentoring and professional training. From the beginning of the program we encourage and support our students to actively present their work at scholarly conferences and professional meetings, as well as to begin a promising publication career.

We see as necessary to provide curricular flexibility and professional mentoring in fields not strictly related to academia. For that reason our students are offered advice in workshops and other university-wide networking opportunities to help them envision professional paths in editorial positions (publishing houses, news agencies), cultural institutions (libraries, foundations), and U.S. government agencies and private companies seeking individuals with specialized knowledge in multicultural and foreign affairs. We encourage our students to take advantage of CUA's location in the political and diplomatic heart of the U.S.