Guten Tag! Study German at The Catholic University of America, where you will engage your passion for language and literature, guided by a tradition of intellectual inquiry. Knowledge of German is a valuable asset in our global society, as it is the most widely-spoken language in the European Union, and is an important international language in the science and business worlds.

As a German Studies major at The Catholic University of America, you will explore the language, literature, and history of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Core liberal arts classes complement your study of German by providing a broader context of scholarship, helping you to grow as a global citizen.

Your German Studies professors will encourage you to explore the world beyond the classroom by spending a semester abroad in cities like Berlin or Eichstätt. When you graduate from The Catholic University of America, your international experience and firm grounding in the liberal arts will make you an ideal candidate for many careers.


Major in German Studies

The Major in German Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the German-speaking world. It is designed to provide students with a solid background in the cultural history of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Students combine language, culture and practical skills courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures with a practical immersion experience in a German-speaking country. Students are encouraged to supplement their studies with courses dealing with the German-speaking world in areas such as Anthropology, Art, Drama, History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology and Religious Studies.

Education Abroad

  • German Studies Majors are required to spend a semester studying abroad in a German-speaking country.
  • All credits earned abroad are eligible for transfer if the student is enrolled in affiliated programs. GER 300 and GER 489 must be taken at The Catholic University of America.
  • Under special circumstances may students petition that the study abroad requirement be waived. In these cases the department will consider summer abroad programs, approved cultural immersion experiences, or internships instead.

Free Electives and Distribution Courses

  • German Studies Majors are strongly advised to complete the course work for the Certificate in European Studies.
  • Students are also strongly encouraged to add minors or a second major in related disciplines, such as Art, Drama, History, International Business, Media Studies, Philosophy, or Politics.