Are you media literate? Are you interested in how media shape news, advertising, entertainment, and politics-indeed our entire culture? Do you think about a future career as a journalist, filmmaker, public affairs professional, speechwriter, or social media expert?

Consider the media  and communication studies major at Catholic University, where a humanities-centered approach delivers a critical and practical course of studies for people who will become lifelong interpreters, users, and producers of mediated communications.

Your major classes in the Department of Media and Communication Studies will emphasize the cultural and historical development of media and provide you with tools to analyze and compose your own messages, essays, and stories in various audio-visual forms. Media and communication studies is an interdisciplinary major at Catholic University, so you'll be able to complement your studies with courses in related fields such as art, drama, and English that count towards the major. And you can take advantage of for-credit internships in one of the most exciting and important media cities in the world.

Media and communication studies graduates are able to think critically about different types of media, and they're proficient at effectively communicating through them - skills that in our communication-centered world are highly in demand by employers.