The undergraduate programs in Secondary Education prepare students as middle school and high school teachers in English, Mathematics, or Social Studies. This specialty offers the professional education coursework needed for state licensure in Secondary Education.

Students also fulfill state requirements for licensure in their subject area specialization through courses in their major. The Secondary Education programs are nationally recognized and state approved.

Students in Secondary Education have an adviser in the Department of Education and an adviser in their department of matriculation in the School of Arts & Sciences.

All students in Secondary Education are required to maintain a current account with College LiveText, the Web-based system that allows the systematic documentation of performance based assessment required for licensure. Students will submit assignments on LiveText as required by their programs.


Field Experiences

Undergraduate students in Secondary Education will have three field experiences. Other practicum experience can be arranged, as needed.

  • Students spend 20 hours in their junior year observing in a secondary classroom and assisting the classroom teacher in conjunction with EDUC 386, Curriculum and Methods in Adolescent Education.
  • Students spend 30 hours in the Fall semester of their senior year observing in a secondary classroom and assisting the classroom teacher with specific instructional tasks in conjunction with the Methods course in their respective program areas: EDUC 479 Mathematics, EDUC 480 English, EDUC 485 Social Studies.
  • Students spend the entire school day in the Spring semester of their senior year in a secondary classroom during their full semester of supervised student teaching. Students assist the classroom teacher with specific instructional tasks and teach a full schedule of classes as the principal teacher for at least four weeks during the semester. During this semester, students also attend once a week a seminar associated with student teaching, produce their Action Research Paper, and complete their Electronic Portfolio.