Study theology and religious studies where the desire for God and truth will guide all aspects of your education. At Catholic University, you will look at religion as a believer, reflecting on faith and its implications for life, as well as from an academic perspective, considering how religion shapes society and culture.

You will receive a strong foundation in the Roman Catholic tradition, and also gain exposure to other traditions, allowing you to develop a broad understanding of religion and culture in the world today. Your core classes, such as art, history, and science will challenge you to broaden your outlook as you strive to see God in all creation.

The critical thinking skills you will develop as a theology and religious studies major will prepare you to understand and interpret the fundamental beliefs and values that motivate individuals and communities.

The School of Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America leads undergraduates on rigorous and engaging intellectual journeys in theology and religious studies. We serve all University students on that quest, and we offer more extensive programs for students particularly interested in these studies. We do so in a hospitable, vibrant community that serves a crucial role at the heart of the University's Catholic mission.