Catholic University’s B.F.A. in Acting for Theatre, Film, and Television is a degree for the 21st century.  It operates with the understanding that actors, to make their living, need to be working in film and television as well as theatre.  Our graduating actors will be comfortable in all the media of their craft and gain the skills to start working immediately upon graduation.

The Department of Drama is dedicated to fostering excellence in Theatre Arts within a liberal arts curriculum.  The B.F.A. for Theatre, Film, and Television provides the specificity and studio experience of conservatory training, enriched with the broad knowledge gleaned from a celebrated liberal arts program.  Each semester, B.F.A. candidates will take progressive classes in acting, movement, and voice, while experiencing the richness of the humanities. Our objective is to provide prospective actors with a deep understanding of their art and train the future working artists and theatre visionaries of America.