Mechanical engineers play a role in shaping our everyday experience, from using ballpoint pens to riding in airplanes. If you have a sense of curiosity about the world and a desire to help improve society, a mechanical engineering major might be for you.

Catholic University's tradition of intellectual inquiry will guide your passion for discovery as you investigate the fundamental principles of mathematics and physics. Core classes in the liberal arts and humanities complement your engineering courses, encouraging you to think about the ethical implications of science and technology.

In addition to shaping your critical thinking and writing skills through a rigorous liberal arts education, Catholic University will give you access to cutting-edge research and technology with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment. Our expert faculty will bring you up to speed on current engineering research, preparing you to become a member of this exciting field.


Engineering Exploratory

The School of Engineering offers eight different majors and concentrations. If you are interested in Engineering but aren't sure that Mechanical Engineering is the right major for you, you can begin your studies as an Engineering Exploratory student. Exploratory students take math and science courses that serve as a foundation for the different specializations available in the Engineering field. These classes also fulfill requirements for various majors in the School of Engineering.