Are you thinking about studying psychology as a foundation for further study in a pre-med or other health science track? Are you interested in understanding how the brain works and other neuroscience aspects of psychology? The B.S. in Psychological and Brain Sciences at Catholic University is a new program that focuses on this exciting and dynamic area of study and research.

This program provides a strong foundation in the cognitive and neurological bases of behavior, a research requirement, and related courses in math and natural sciences. Course requirements are similar to the B.A. in Psychology, but also include four specific courses: Brain and Behavior (PSY 304), Sensation and Perception (PSY 371), Cognitive Psychology (PSY 376), and Clinical Neuroscience (PSY 345).

As a psychological and brain sciences major, you will develop a holistic understanding of the human person with the help of core courses in theology, philosophy, literature and the arts. This well-rounded education will help you to understand human problems more deeply, better enabling you to solve them practically.