As an economics major, you will master the principles of economic theory. Catholic University's rigorous curriculum will challenge you to analyze how economic forces work at both the micro and macro levels. The program will teach you how to develop solutions to the business and policy problems of today.

At Catholic University, economics is not a purely abstract science. Economic actors are human beings who rationally calculate and pursue their self-interest, who are prone to lapses and foibles, and who also are moved by beauty, truth, and goodness. As an economics major, you will learn to apply theory and historical perspective to complex social and political issues in the context of the moral teaching of the Church about economic justice.

After completing this curriculum, you will be well-prepared for a career as an economics professional in the government or private sector. You will also have a strong foundation for further studies.


Business Exploratory

The School of Business and Economics offers seven different majors. If you are interested in Business and Economics but aren't sure that Economics is the right major for you, you can begin your studies as a Business Exploratory student. Exploratory students take courses that serve as a broad introduction to the different careers available in this field. These classes also fulfill requirements for various majors in the School of Business and Economics.