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Are you interested in how cash flows into and out of a company, or the intricacies of how to keep a business in the black? Do you think the study of business should be about more than the bottom line? Study finance at The Catholic University of America, where you will learn how to be an ethical businessperson in an increasingly competitive world.

Your rigorous curriculum will include courses in investment analysis, options and futures, financial markets, financial statement analysis, and corporate finance. Your liberal arts requirements will expand your knowledge base as you take classes in literature, history, and the humanities.

The finance program at The Catholic University of America will prepare you to enter the business world as a finance manager for a non-profit or for-profit business. Your strong business background, combined with your understanding of the importance of the dignity of the human person, will prepare you to be a force for good in the world.


Business Exploratory

The School of Business and Economics offers seven different majors. If you are interested in Business and Economics but aren't sure that Finance is the right major for you, you can begin your studies as a Business Exploratory student. Exploratory students take courses that serve as a broad introduction to the different careers available in this field. These classes also fulfill requirements for various majors in the School of Business and Economics.