Study social work at the National Catholic School of Social Service, where a passion for service turns into a lifelong career. At NCSSS, the focus is not only on the problems to be solved, but the dignity of those being served.

Grounded in Catholic social teaching, the social work program at Catholic University focuses on the prevention and treatment of social problems, while promoting the enhancement of social well-being. Your courses in human behavior, policy, research, and practice will be complemented by core classes in history, literature, and science, helping to broaden your perspective and understanding of the world you will serve.

Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity to go on to graduate school or begin generalist social work practice. Your extensive social work background, coupled with the liberal arts education you will receive, will allow you to find just solutions for the people you serve.


Prepare for Career in Social Work: Be a Social Work Major

Faith, Reason, Service…Major in Social Work

Social work is an exciting profession for undergraduates who want to work with people. Generalist social work practice at the undergraduate level prepares you to work in numerous fields and settings and with a variety of populations, from infants to the elderly. Social workers work in schools, hospitals, prisons, residential treatment centers, child welfare, child development centers, community advocacy agencies, nursing homes, etc. Social work majors at the undergraduate level are eligible for licensure as social workers in many localities.

The Bachelor of Social Work

The undergraduate social work curriculum is designed to prepare students for (1) generalist social work practice, under supervision, in public welfare agencies, general and mental health hospitals, courts and probation departments, family and children services agencies, neighborhood and community action agencies, and other settings; (2) graduate social work education; and (3) leadership roles in community efforts in social welfare.