Major decisions take time. Many students feel pressure to declare a major right away, but over two-thirds of students at The Catholic University of America change majors at least once.

The Exploratory option is designed to let you purposefully seek out your area of focus by taking classes in many different subjects before choosing a major. Your Undergraduate Advisor will help you to select courses that appeal to your intellectual curiosity and satisfy core University requirements. With your advisor, you will consider all of your talents and interests, learn more about the subjects that appeal to you, and develop a plan that allows you to explore these subjects while remaining on track for graduation.

As an Exploratory student, you can take courses in a wide variety of subject areas, or you can explore the various specializations and major options within a particular field like Business and Economics or Engineering.

At The Catholic University of America, you have until the end of your sophomore year to declare a major. That means you can spend up to four semesters exploring different subject areas. This period of exploration creates the opportunity to consider all of your options and make an informed decision about your choice of major.