A group of CUA students posing for a picture abroad

It should come as no surprise that a university committed to Cultivating Catholic Minds encourages its students to develop a global perspective by exploring the world through study abroad.

You can study almost anywhere in the world through our Education Abroad program.

  • Find inspiration in studying the music of Beethoven and Bach in Berlin, Germany.
  • Get energized by a class on social entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Sign up for a crash course in comparative government through Catholic University’s British Parliament Internship Program in London.
  • Feel history come alive while in Ireland as part of our Irish Parliamentary Internship program in Dublin.
  • Become fascinated by your gender studies course in Rabat, Morocco.
  • Gain confidence in the academically challenging Catholic University Oxford program in the United Kingdom.

A special study-abroad opportunity you may want to consider is the new Rome Center, which is a joint project of The Catholic University of America and Australian Catholic University. Situated just a mile from the Vatican on a hill overlooking the ancient Roman neighborhood of Trastevere, the Rome Center is a home away from home for Catholic University students.

You can count on our education abroad staff and faculty to help you find the overseas educational experience that best suits you.