It should come as no surprise that a university committed to Cultivating Catholic Minds encourages its students to develop a global perspective by exploring the world through study abroad.

You can study almost anywhere in the world through our Education Abroad program. Every year, more than 350 Catholic University students travel abroad to participate in educational programs on six continents.

  • Find inspiration in studying the music of Beethoven and Bach in Berlin, Germany.
  • Get energized by a class on social entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Sign up for a crash course in comparative government through Catholic University’s British Parliament Internship Program in London.
  • Feel history come alive while in Ireland as part of our Irish Parliamentary Internship program in Dublin.
  • Gain confidence in the academically challenging Catholic University Oxford program in the United Kingdom.

A special opportunity for education abroad that you may want to consider is Catholic University's new Rome Center. Situated just a mile from the Vatican on a hill overlooking the ancient Roman neighborhood of Trastevere, the Rome Center is a home away from home for Catholic University students.

In addition to semester-long programs for undergraduates, the University also offers a number of shorter opportunities for study abroad during summers and school breaks. Many of these are focused, faculty-led experiences for which both undergraduate and graduate students can earn academic credit.

You can count on our education abroad staff and faculty to help you find the overseas educational experience that best suits you.