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brown250x324.jpgJ. Steven Brown, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Vice Provost for Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Brown is an ordinary professor of mechanical engineering. He supervises the administrators and staff in the Office of the Provost, including the Academic Budgets team.

As Dean of Graduate Studies, he works collaboratively with faculty and administrators from CUA's 12 schools to enhance the academic quality of graduate programs, and provides leadership and support to the University's graduate mission, including the Office of Graduate Studies and online education. He handles all graduate academic appeals, and is the ex officio chair of the Committee on Appointments and Promotions of the Academic Senate.

terriemcpherson.jpgTerrie Gomillion-McPherson
Coordinator of Graduate Academic Services

Terrie is a talented and enthusiastic administrative professional with over seventeen years of experience working in higher education. She touts her uncompromising commitment to "quality" customer service as one of her finest attributes.

As Coordinator of Graduate Academic Services, Terrie serves as the administrative support for the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies. She is often the first point of contact between the Graduate Studies office and the Office of the Provost, deans of the various schools, department chairs, administrative assistants, various University offices and their staffs, including Human Resources, the Office of Graduate Admission, Enrollment Services, Enrollment Management, and Student Financial Assistance, and with graduate students across the 12 schools.