Rita Murphy

Name: Rita Murphy - Senior Admission Counselor
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Alma Mater: Providence College, B.A. Art History and B.A. Psychology 2019
Years in Admission: 2
E-Mail: murphyrc@cua.edu

What drew you to Washington, D.C. and Catholic University?
I was drawn to Catholic University because of its beautiful campus, location of Washington, D.C., and Catholic identity. I believe it’s so beneficial attending a college which cares so deeply about each student’s development as a whole person.

Advice to anyone who is applying:
Trust the process. The college application journey can be a stressful one at times, but just know all the work you put in will help you in ending up where you are meant to be. Visiting a school and partaking in an interview if they are offered help you get to know a school more fully.

What is your favorite museum in the city?
I am new to the area, but so far the National Gallery is my favorite museum in the city. Going to see the monuments at night is really awesome because they are lit up and look especially impressive on a clear night. I’m excited to see the rest of the great museums and galleries all over the D.C. area!

Where is your favorite place to dine in D.C.?
So far my favorite place to dine in D.C. is Murphy’s Grill on Catholic University’s campus. I’m looking forward to exploring the great restaurants all over the different neighborhoods of the District.

What makes Catholic University different than other colleges and universities?
Catholic University stands out from other colleges and universities due to its exciting location of the Capitol of our country and its unapologetically Catholic mission. The opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students at Catholic are unending and incredible.