Cardinal Mail - Google G Suite

When you apply to the University, you receive an email with your Cardinal Credentials (username, and information about your password). This password expires after 13 days if you do not change it, unless you do not have a date of birth on file, in which case it will not expire. If you did not change your password, or forgot it, you can contact us to change it. You will need your Cardinal ID number to change your password. This ID number was emailed to you with the password.

If you have problems changing your Cardinal Credentials password, or do not have a date of birth, please open a support case at

If you do not know your Cardinal ID, please call the Office of Enrollment Services at 202-319-5300.


When you matriculate from applicant to student, you will need to change your password to gain access to all campus resources. You can do this by using the Password Change page as long as we have a date of birth on file.

If you do not know your Cardinal ID number or your username, please Contact Your Admission Counselor.