Academic Accommodations

All members of the University community are obligated to ensure that persons who are pregnant are not denied or limited in their access to an educational program or activity. To provide such access, the University encourages students to disclose needs based on pregnancy as early as possible in the pregnancy.

Students should work directly with their instructors to determine modifications and support related to their pregnancy, including requests for extensions or absences related to their pregnancy or breaks for lactation. The Office of the Dean of Students is another resource for students and can help coordinate with instructors for academic accommodations, housing needs, accommodations relating to furniture, classroom relocation, lab support if working with chemicals, and other possible accommodations related to pregnancy. The Dean of Students can also provide information on academic leave in the event that a student wishes to take a semester off from academic work, and can advise on retention of scholarships and other financial aid while on academic leave.

Maternity Parking

An expectant mother holding a valid Catholic University parking permit may park in convenient spots designated by signage for use by pregnant women.


Catholic University On-Campus Housing
As noted in the University's Pregnancy Policy, students who become pregnant are welcome and encouraged to retain their campus housing, if they are comfortable doing so. Students may meet with their Community Director to discuss alternative housing arrangements (i.e., room and hall changes) to allow for the health and comfort of the expectant mother.

Off-Campus Housing
Crossway Montessori Communities
3015 Upton Dr., Kensington, MD 20985 | (301) 929-2505
Hours (inquiries on apartments): M-F, 8:30 AM-4 PM

This non-profit has thirty-unit, low-rent apartments with a private kitchen and bathroom. The community offers a two-year program requiring attendance at Life Skills classes twice a week.There is also a required orientation. Beginning around 3 months of age, children may be cared for at an on-site Montessori School.

St. Ann's Transitional Housing Program
4901 Eastern Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20782 | (301) 559-5500
Hours: M-F, 9 AM-3 PM

St. Ann's has two housing programs for women and their children who need to find a home. The Faith House program on St. Ann's property has eight private one-bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and living areas. Hope House residents live in single-family units with shared kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces on the first floor of St. Ann's main building. Residents of both houses can receive support services for employment, education, life skills, etc. Those living in the Hope House have access to 24-hour supervision and mentoring.

Missionaries of Charity
3310 Wheeler Rd SE., Washington, DC 20032 | (202) 562-6890
Contact: Sr. Maria Bernadette

Services provided: Homes for pregnant women based on availability. Women are welcomed into the community and live according to community guidelines (nightly dinners and observing curfew). The sisters are able to provide resources for adoption if desired.

Financial and Material Assistance

Cardinal Cupboard
The Cardinal Cupboard is Catholic University's food pantry, which provides non-perishable food and other items at no cost to any member of the university community that needs help affording essentials. Baby items including diapers and wipes  are available in Cardinal Cupboard. Patrons may shop on their own during open hours, or request that bag(s) be premade and available for pickup.

Cardinals for Life
Cardinals for Life is willing to support you and your baby materially through a baby shower and circulating a registry around their community. Contact information can be found on The Nest or through Campus Ministry.