Reporting an Issue Relating to Faculty Performance

Faculty members, among other things, are required to teach and examine effectively and with due awareness of developments in the field; advise students; and supervise students in the conduct of research and/or professional practice. Faculty members must observe the appropriate norms of ethical conduct expected of teachers, researchers, and other professionals.

Every faculty member must be familiar with the University's policies and procedures insofar as they apply to faculty rights and obligations, in particular with respect to students, as well as those rules of the University that apply to all personnel. In addition to policies and procedures explicitly defined in the Faculty Handbook, every faculty member is also bound by the rules promulgated in the Announcements of academic programs and the Student Handbook, which are updated and published annually, and by any other rules and regulations issued from time to time through recognized University channels.

Faculty members are also bound by the Code of Conduct for Staff and Faculty, which requires in part, that faculty members act honestly, fairly, and courteously at all times towards students, parents, advisees, and colleagues.

To report an issue relating to faculty performance, including handling of a class, classroom presentation, professional demeanor, behavior, and course policies, a student is encouraged to contact the faculty member first. However, if the student is not comfortable talking to the faculty member directly, the student should report to the chair of the department in which the faculty member is teaching or to the Dean of the academic school. If the student concern regards the chair, then the student should contact the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, or the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the case of a graduate student with concerns.