*Courses in Italics are taught by Pima Community College

Summer Preliminary: Online Prep and Orientation

Fall Spring
First-Year MGT 118
Foundation and Tools for Vocation of Business

SRES 371
Human Advantage & the Future of Work

MTH 151*
College Algebra 

English Comp

ART 105*
Exploring Art and Visual Culture
MGT 123
Foundations of Business

CIS 120*
Computer Applications for Business

MTH 212*
Topics in Calculus

WRT 102*
English Comp 2

PHIL 301
Reasoning and Argumentation

SRES 101
Foundations of Economic Thought 1

BUS 205*
Statistics for Business and Economics

ACCT 205
Introductory Accounting

AST105IN (4-cred. science)*
Life in the Universe

MGT 250
Business Communications

SRES 102
Foundations of Economic Thought 2

MGT 240
Management of Information

ACCT 206
Managerial Accounting

LIT 231*
Introduction to Shakespeare

Pima Elective*

Junior PHIL 201
The Classical Mind

TRS 201
Foundations of Theology I: Scriptures and Jesus Christ

MKT 345
Marketing Management

MSO 313
Contemporary American Politics

MGT 495A
Guided Internship
PHIL 202
The Modern Mind

TRS 202
The Church and the Human Person 

FIN 226
Financial Management

MGT 321 or 322 or 371
Business Law

Intermediate Guided Internship
Senior MGT 310
Leadership and Organization

Catholic University Elective 

TRS 335
Christian Marriage and Family Life

MGT 390
International Business 

Senior Guided Internship
MGT 365
Quantitative Methods for Business III

MGT 311
Organizational Behavior

MGT 475
Business Strategy

MGT 301
Ethics in Business and Economics

MID 499
Capstone/Senior Seminar