The B.A. in Management program at CatholicU Tucson offers a distinctive blend of key strengths that will set you apart in the eyes of top employers and graduate schools throughout the region.

The four-year program combines a liberal arts core of religion, philosophy, arts, and humanities with a general management curriculum of marketing, economics, leadership, career discernment, and 21st-century business tools. Some aspects that distinguish the CatholicU B.A. in Management program include:

A Powerful Journey to Success in Many Fields

Our curriculum offers the kind of breadth and depth that will prepare you for a fulfilling career in a wide range of industries and settings—from accounting, marketing, and leadership to finance, international business, entrepreneurship, and more.

A “Best of Both” Worlds Approach to Teaching

Many of your classes will be led virtually by our faculty of world-class scholars at CatholicU's main campus in Washington D.C. This will be complemented by our faculty of equally accomplished on-site instructional guides who will serve as teachers and mentors.

A Welcoming, Supportive Family of Teachers and Learners

You will be welcomed, supported, and inspired by an engaged faculty and community who put you at the center of your educational journey while empowering you to build courage and gain confidence to become more than you ever thought possible.

A Faith-Based Framework for 21st-Century Business

Throughout your CatholicU Tucson learning experience you’ll find the integration of faith as a way to add a rich, meaningful dimension to concepts, theories, and action, setting you apart from other management graduates in the job market.

A Hands-On Approach and Learning By Doing

Abundant hands-on learning projects and internship opportunities will enable you to develop the in-demand leadership skills that employers value, while also providing connections with local businesses that will jumpstart your career.

A Cost-Effective Experience and Lifelong Value

As a non-residential university, CatholicU Tucson offers a respected private university bachelor’s degree at a tuition of approximately $8,800, which amounts to just half of what you would typically pay at a residential university that includes costs for room and board. And you may qualify for scholarships that offset those costs and make CatholicU Tucson even more affordable.

Explore the Bachelor of Arts in Management Curriculum