At CatholicU Tucson, you’ll gain the “best of both worlds” when it comes to your classroom instruction and faculty mentorship.

Many of your classes will be led virtually by our faculty of world-class scholars at CatholicU's main campus in Washington, D.C.

This exceptional theoretical instruction will be complemented by our faculty of equally accomplished on-site instructional guides who will serve as teachers and mentors while also empowering you to develop the knowledge and skills that today’s top organizations are looking for.

Meet this year’s instructional guides, specifically chosen for the B.A. in Management program:

Beatrice Teaching in Tucson

Beatrice Szalas

MMGT 495 Marketing Management
B.A. Carleton University; M.A. Carleton University
American Advertising Federation Board of Directors

With more than 20 years of experience in research, integrated marketing, and institutional brand development, Beatrice brings a wealth of proven knowledge and real-world acumen.

As owner of Red Cactus Marketing, a boutique research and branding agency, Beatrice has led award-winning campaigns and helped mission-driven organizations launch remarkable brands across the country, earning the highest levels of industry recognition along the way.

In your Marketing Management 345 course, Beatrice will emphasize how marketing contributes to the common good, engage you with abundant hands-on learning and professional reflection activities, and inspire you to think big when it comes to your future career.

“Having the opportunity to get to know my students and their unique aspirations enables me to tailor my teaching to stories and examples they can relate to. I love helping students translate marketing theory into practice and discuss real examples of marketing in action.”

Emanuel (Manu) Franco-Gomez, O.Carm.

TRS 201 Foundations of Theology; TRS 202 The Church and the Human Person
M.Div School of Theology and Religious Studies

As a Carmelite priest, Fr. Manu has studied philosophy and theology and is currently earning an MFA in Illustration to complement his interest in writing books for children and young adults.

Fr. Manu believes in learning as a lifelong endeavor, especially when it comes to faith and religion. He feels it is important to seek God at every turn of our lives, and understand that faith, reason, and charity are the best companions in our relationship with God.

In your Foundations of Theology 201 course, Fr. Manu will help you find ways to make deeper connections with your faith, and explore ways that faith can sustain your values on your journey in the professional world.

“We often generalize faith, and it is hard to help people connect with their lives in some settings. CatholicU has created an environment where I can pay close attention to the individual, helping them foster better communication between the Catholic faith and their personal lives.”

Ellen teaching

Ellen Fisher

MMGT 495 Guided Internship and  Program Manager

B.A. Loyola University Chicago; M.Ed. (Educational Leadership) University of Notre Dame

Ellen has accomplished a lot over many years of living and working in different countries around the world, and she brings those experiences in the students’ learning experience every day.

It might be how to look at a business problem from a variety of perspectives, how to build interesting and meaningful professional relationships, lessons on what to do in a specific situation or, equally important, what not to do. And Ellen enjoys helping students connect with her professional network for internships, projects, and job opportunities.

As program manager and leader of CatholicU Tucson’s guided internships, Ellen will constantly seek out ways to ensure your learning experience includes valuable hands-on opportunities that reflect professional tasks in the real world, from creating an executive summary presentation to putting together an organizational chart for a sample entity.

“We support our students in who they are now and who they will become in the future. This might mean a push to complete assignments or a prayer offering for a sick loved one. Life can throw them curveballs, but we want to let students know that we’re there as a constant, faith-based support network.”

Ben teaching

Benjamin Keoseyan

PHIL 201 The Classical Mind 

B.A. Pepperdine University; M.A. Northern Illinois University; Ph.D. student, University of Arizona

An academic philosopher with research interests in ancient philosophy and political philosophy, Benjamin has been teaching at the college level for five years, including at the University of Arizona.

Benjamin explores ways to write and think more clearly about difficult philosophical texts and abstract topics as a way to make complex ideas easier to digest, understand, and explain to others. He believes the ability to effectively write about complex ideas is invaluable in today’s business world.

In your Classical Mind course, Benjamin will introduce you to the Western philosophical tradition and engage you with philosophical texts. You’ll also discuss big ideas such as the meaning of human life, how we should live and treat others, and whether we have free will.

“With the small class sizes at CatholicU Tucson, every voice is able to be heard in the classroom, and student learning is grounded in respectful dialogue, not lecture. This fosters relationships and an intellectual community based on discussion and dialogue.”

Keiran teaching

Keiran Roche

MMGT 118 Vocation of Business

B.A. University of Wollongong; M.Ed. (Education) University of Notre Dame; M.Ed. (Educational Leadership) University of Notre Dame

An educator at heart who loves teaching, Keiran has been an elementary school principal, a regional director for a network of schools, and the creator of a startup that licenses scholarship management software to schools.

Keiran believes that at the heart of our very being is relationships, that by having close relationships we become more human and reflect the image and likeness of God through each other. As such, he feels that learning is at its best when there is mutual care and trust between student and instructor.

In your Vocation of Business course, Keiran will teach and reinforce concepts and position you to recreate the learned concepts in multiple ways. You’ll engage in book learning as well as hands-on activities, while being inspired to take ownership of your overall classroom experience.

“Whenever I am in the community I am constantly thinking of ways to connect our students to people and resources. People do not know what they do not know, and I am energized when we can connect our students to people or resources that will allow them to thrive today and into the future.”