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Early application Deadline is November 1.

As the Tucson Bachelor of Arts in Management program requires enrollment at Catholic University and Pima Community College, students must be admitted to both schools. 

Students will start with the Catholic University of America Bachelor of Arts in Management - General Management application, completing the Catholic University application process through the admission decision, and then submit a Pima Community College application to complete the admissions process. 

The Catholic University Admission Team is available to help guide you through the workflow outlined below. *If you would like to refer to Google Slides with screenshots of how to complete the app: click here

This special program does not use the Common Application. Instead, prospective students will:

Step 1 — Access the Catholic University undergraduate application found here:

  • On this page select "Create your Applicant Portal Account" (If you have already done this, skip to Step 2)
  • Insert your name and email address. An email will be sent with instructions to create your password
  • Follow the link in your email to update your password

Step 2 — Login with your username (email address) and password 

Step 3 — On the "New Application" page"

  • For the question "What level are you applying for?", select "undergraduate"
  • For the question "What type of application?", select "Tucson Program in Business Management"
  • For the question "Term", select "Fall 2023" (if you intend to apply for a different semester, please contact us)
  • Click "Start Application"

Step 4  -  Complete the application as directed. Required fields are marked with a red circle. You can save and return to your application at any time. The application will have sections where you can upload your high school transcript and where you can indicate your recommender.

Step 5 — Upon acceptance to the Tucson Bachelor of Arts in Management program, complete the Pima Community College application for admission found here:

Step 6 - Follow the instructions found on this program’s financial aid page.