Local Business Partnerships

The goal of our Bachelor of Arts in Management degree is to help Tucson flourish by investing in its local population. The program was designed for Tucson, and shaped by Tucson. We collected the ideas and insights of over 300 individuals in the Tucson community, forming partnerships along the way with several local organizations and businesses. These include the City of Tucson, the Diocese of Tucson, HSL Properties, Jim Click Automotive, and Pima Community College.

Local businesses and partners have not only helped design the program; they will contribute to it through workshops, business roundtables, career development events, mentorship, and guided internships for our students.

Pima Community College Partnership

When you enroll at the Catholic University of America – Tucson you will also be jointly enrolled at Pima Community College for your first two years in the B.A. in Management program.

This partnership will provide you with a number of distinctive benefits.

One Convenient Site: All of your in-person courses will be delivered at CatholicU Tucson’s site, located on Pima’s Downtown Campus, with your course work fulfilling requirements at both institutions.

Two Powerful Degrees: Upon completion of the program you will have earned an associate’s degree from PCC and the B.A. in Management from CatholicU Tucson.

Twice the Support and Services: Throughout your experience in the program, you will have access to PCC’s full range of student services, career services, and student activities.


“Catholic University’s partnership with Pima Community College is right on point because it allows our students to get a four-year degree at a reasonable price while staying in Tucson. This provides additional economic opportunities for young people, working families, and for our community.”

Regina Romero
Mayor of Tucson

Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger

“I am truly excited that our young people will have an opportunity to receive an education from The Catholic University of America steeped in our Catholic intellectual tradition without having to leave Tucson. Through this program the future is bright for Tucson as students contemplate living a life of meaning and are shaped into virtuous business leaders.”

Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger
Diocese of Tucson

Bert Lopez

I got involved because it's a pilot program that hasn't existed anywhere else. Bringing online concepts to study at your own pace, and to deliver to students who wouldn't have been able to, with a prestigious university.

Humberto S. Lopez
Founder & Chairman
HSL Properties

Barbi Reuter

As a home-grown Tucson company for 35 years, Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR loves to keep talent in this community after graduation! Qualities that stand out when we hire include initiative, judgment, communication skills, confidence, and high energy. We know that partnering with Catholic U will afford us positive connections where we can share insights and opportunities and collaborate with the next generation of leaders.

Barbi Reuter
Chief Executive Officer and Principal
PICOR Commercial Real Estate Services

Jim Click, Jr.

I am a big believer in Tucson. When I heard about this innovative Catholic University program with its desire to form deep partnerships  with local Tucson employers while providing a quality education at a fraction of the cost, I just had to collaborate and bring others to be involved. This is a wonderfully amazing opportunity for our young people right here in Tucson.

Jim Click, Jr.
Jim Click Automotive Team

Rob Lamb

When I first heard about what Catholic University was doing in Tucson, I lit up like a Christmas tree, and it was for two reasons: 1. Preparing local people to be part of our businesses 2. What it means to be a human being and fully who you are — it's needed in a lot of our education today.

Rob Lamb
Chief Operations Officer
GHLN Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Lee Lambert

Pima couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Catholic University to expand educational opportunities in our region. As a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, Pima is dedicated to ensuring our region has the resources students need to create better lives for themselves and their families.

Lee Lambert
Pima Community College

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