The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music awards Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degrees to selected qualified students as a recognition of high professional attainment in composition, pedagogy, performance, or sacred music.

Acceptance as a graduate student by the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music is required. The applicant must have extensive performance and teaching experience after receiving a master's degree from an accredited institution in piano or chamber music performance.


The applicant must submit the following to the advisory committee:

  1. as stated in the Admission Process section above, four letters of recommendation, including two from professional colleagues, not teachers of the applicant, attesting to the applicant's past and potential ability as a concert performer
  2. programs of performances and reviews, if available
  3. complete description of teaching experiences
  4. completed repertoire and professional experience record, obtainable at:

The applicant must successfully complete the following entrance requirements:

  1. a public recital of a program selected by the D.M.A. committee from works on the applicant's repertoire and professional experience record and consisting of a solo group (15 to 20 minutes) and chamber music (40 to 45 minutes)
  2. sight­reading examinations (private)
  3. written placement examinations (two hours each) in (a) music history, (b) music theory.


Based on the results of the entrance examinations, the advisory committee, in conference with the student, will arrange a program of study of 54 to 72 hours beyond the master's degree. The courses and repertoire to be completed as part of the degree requirements will be communicated to the student in writing. Included will be five required public recitals.