The School of Theology and Religious Studies is an ecclesiastical faculty. In virtue of its accreditation by the Holy See, programs leading to ecclesiastical degrees in theology are recognized as having canonical effects. Such programs satisfy both the norms established by the Holy See and the usual university requirements.

The S.T.D. in Moral Theology is a degree conferred after students with a basic tested theological orientation and proven competence in moral theology have shown ability for achievement in scholarly research and teaching.

Program Overview

The program is focused on completion of a limited number of seminars and the preparation and defense of a dissertation. It aims to prepare students to undertake the responsibilities of teaching and research at the highest academic levels.

In addition and specific to the general requirements for obtaining an ecclesiastical degree, the Moral Theology/Ethics area requires the following:

Applicants should possess an S.T.L. in Moral Theology as offered by this faculty, or the equivalent of this degree from another pontifical university or faculty.