From performance to playwriting, the drama department at Catholic University will engage your passion for theatre as you transform words on a page to a production on the stage. As a drama major at The Catholic University of America, you will have the opportunity to participate in theatre productions while developing a thorough working knowledge of drama.

The comprehensive drama major includes courses in literature, stage design, acting, directing, and theatre history. Students translate knowledge into practice with hands-on crew hours as well as participation in the Hartke Season and other student theatre productions. Throughout the Hartke Season students work alongside professional directors and designers. Drama majors must earn crew credits by working on department productions. The curriculum balances academics and practical theatre work, in the belief that each enhances the other.

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Our B.A. program incorporates academic rigor with top-notch theatrical productions, giving you both excellent training in the theatrical field and a scholarly foundation in the liberal arts. Our liberal arts approach is what differentiates us from specialized conservatory training. By addressing our imagination, intellect, emotion, faith and moral being with compelling immediacy, the department strives to train skilled theatre artists who synthesize a liberal arts education through their craft. The faculty is committed to providing both challenging theatrical productions and rigorous academic programs in the belief that each enriches the other.