Founded by the bishops of the United States as their national university, The Catholic University of America is governed by a Board of Trustees that reflects its unique relationship to the Catholic Church. The Board is made of up lay men and women as well as Fellows. The Fellows include all active American cardinals, four bishops, the president of the University, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and two lay members of the board. The archbishop of Washington is the chancellor of the University.

The president oversees the operations of the University with the assistance of the provost, who is the chief academic officer, and five vice presidents, who are responsible for student affairs, enrollment management and marketing, advancement, finance, and University relations.

The 18-member executive committee of the administrative council meets monthly and provides input to the president, provost, and vice presidents. The membership of this committee rotates yearly. The full administrative council, which includes 42 representatives, meets three times a year and provides input on non-academic matters.

The 12 schools of the University are led by their respective deans. Theological College, the seminary that is affiliated with Catholic University, is led by its rector.

The official policies governing the University are posted on the University’s website and are publicly available.

  • President’s Welcome

    President John Garvey shares with future students and parents what it means to have a Catholic Mind, and to be a part of a community grounded by faith and virtue.

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  • Board of Trustees

    The responsibility for governance and oversight of the operations of the University resides in the University’s Board of Trustees.

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  • Administrative Council

    This body meets monthly during the academic year to discuss the current affairs of the University and provide input to the President, Provost, and Vice Presidents for high level decisions.

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