Learn to use business skills as a force for good in our increasingly interconnected world by studying international business at The Catholic University of America, where you will develop strong business skills guided by Catholic social teaching.

In your international business classes, you will develop the global vision to recognize international marketing opportunities and create effective global business strategies. You will also take classes in history, theology, and literature that will broaden your base of knowledge, allowing you to see business from many different perspectives. Additionally, you will be required to minor in a foreign language and participate in a study abroad program, giving you a competitive edge in the world of international business.

With the expansive business and global education that you will receive at The Catholic University of America, you will be well prepared to begin your career after graduation. The strong business ethics that you will develop at The Catholic University of America will be an asset to you as you practice business in the global marketplace.



  • Study Abroad: Students majoring in international business are required to spend a semester studying abroad, or complete an international summer internship or travel with one of the University's international mission trips.
  • Internships: An internship is a unique academic opportunity that allows students to step out of the classroom and gain real-world experience in a professional setting.
  • Minor Programs: Students majoring in international business are required to minor in a modern language.
  • Regional Studies: Students majoring in international business may elect to specialize in a region by taking courses in the language, history, and politics of their region of interest.

Business Exploratory

The School of Business and Economics offers seven different majors. If you are interested in Business and Economics but aren't sure that International Business is the right major for you, you can begin your studies as a Business Exploratory student. Exploratory students take courses that serve as a broad introduction to the different careers available in this field. These classes also fulfill requirements for various majors in the School of Business and Economics.