Are you interested in how to run a business so that is succeeds in a competitive marketplace but also benefits its employees and society as a whole? Study management at Catholic University, where you will learn the skills to make the best decisions for a business and for the good of society.

As a management major, you will take courses in leadership, organization, and benefits and compensation. These classes will be supplemented by classes in history, philosophy, theology, and literature, providing you with a well-balanced education that will prepare you to bring a broad spectrum of knowledge to your career.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to enter the business world. Guided by Catholic social teaching and good business practices, you will be an asset to any company in the business world.


Business Exploratory

The School of Business and Economics offers seven different majors. If you are interested in Business and Economics but aren't sure that Management is the right major for you, you can begin your studies as a Business Exploratory student. Exploratory students take courses that serve as a broad introduction to the different careers available in this field. These classes also fulfill requirements for various majors in the School of Business and Economics.