Name: Gerald Sharpe

Field of Study: Politics and Philosophy

Status: Student

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Middletown, New Jersey

Why did you choose Catholic University? Our welcoming community, faithfully Catholic identity, and numerous academic opportunities led me to choose Catholic University. In addition, there’s no better place to study Politics than in the nation’s capital; the D.C. location is optimal not only for the academic and historical opportunities it offers, but because of the social and entertainment value it brings as well.

"There’s no better place to study Politics than in the nation’s capital."
– Gerald Sharpe

Activities: During my first two years at Catholic University, I represented my class of 2022 in the Student Government Association Senate. At the end of my sophomore year, I was elected to be our Student Body President, a position in which I am responsible for overseeing the Student Government and advocating on behalf of our students to the University Administration and Board of Trustees. I was also a Resident Assistant (this past year and next year). Last year, I helped oversee a male dorm of approximately 70 residents in Reardon Hall in Centennial Village. I have also interned for Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04).

Favorite classes: The Pre-Law classes in the Politics Department have been outstanding and have helped me discern whether I want to take the next step towards law school. Additionally, the School of Philosophy has been an incredible blessing, which is why I decided to add Philosophy as my second major.

Goals: My goal is to dedicate my life to leadership and service. I’m not sure what that practically looks like just yet. CatholicU has brought me a long way in that regard. Law school is very much in the picture.

What makes Catholic University unique? Catholic University’s faithfulness to our Catholic identity is what sets us apart from the rest. It is the foundation of our incredibly welcoming, service-oriented, loving community at Catholic. What makes Catholic University an amazing place is the people, who inspire me every day.

Proudest accomplishment: It has been an incredible gift serving as the Student Body President. It means the world to me that my undergraduate peers would put their faith in me to help lead and advocate for them next year. Serving the student body in this role is a unique privilege and a blessing, especially now, during this extraordinarily difficult time for so many students due to COVID-19. The Student Government is currently focusing on how we can reach students virtually to ensure their ideas and concerns are being addressed. The Student Government is innovative and continues to brainstorm and execute ideas on how to continue to make Catholic University welcoming and supportive, despite COVID-19.