Name: Kate Janik

Field of Study: Architecture and Planning with a Minor in Sustainability

Status: Undergraduate student  

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Stamford, Conn.

Why did you choose Catholic University? I was immediately drawn to Catholic from the moment I stepped on campus. I could tell there was something special and that it was more than just a university, it really was a family.

"Nothing can compare to the deep friendships I have formed here."
– Kate Janik

What activities have you been involved with? Here at Catholic I have had the privilege to be a part of the orientation program which welcomes incoming first years to campus. Being one of the first faces for the first-year students has been a joy and has contributed to my overall love of CUA. I am also a part of PEERS, the peer education group which helps raise awareness for sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse and healthy relationships. Being able to help bring light and de-stigmatize these topics has given me a greater sense of purpose and has ignited my passion for standing up for these important issues. Lastly this past year, I was a part of a new club at Catholic, Operation Smile, where we raise money for children who are born with cleft lip palettes and I have gotten the honor of serving as one of the two School of Architecture and Planning Senators for Student Government.

Impact of CatholicU's D.C. location: I was able to go out into the city and sketch famous monuments and buildings for my studio classes as well as making connections through professors to local firms that ultimately led me to my first internship this summer!

Favorite course: My favorite course was American Sign Language because it was out of my comfort zone and major and I loved the teacher. He was charismatic and made class fun while also teaching us a lot. I am planning on taking the second level in the spring.

What are your goals for the future? I plan to be a licensed architect working on civic buildings such as community centers, schools and libraries.

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a significant impact on you? Douglas Palladino was my studio professor for my 301 Studio class for the Fall of 2020. When we were all stuck at home with Zoom as our only way to connect and learn, Douglas made the most of it and cared so much for our studio. He went on site visits and took pictures for those of us who were far away from D.C. and was also working on how to improve our class. Since then he has been the professor I email when I have questions about how to get a job or whether to apply to graduate school. He takes time out of his busy days to make sure students like me are doing well.

What do you like most about Catholic University? The people I have met, both students and professors. Nothing can compare to the deep friendships I have formed here.

Proudest accomplishment: I am proud to have gotten through a pandemic with Catholic U and still have good grades.