Senior Madelyn Demaret, a double major in politics and German, doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. Maddy translates her beliefs into action in every sphere of her life.

Her passion for politics led her to offer her time and energy to a congressional election campaign in Virginia’s 10th district last summer. From July until election day, Demaret volunteered 10 to 15 hours a week asking for donations, preparing information on prospective donors, organizing materials for canvassers, and knocking on doors herself. At the same time, Demaret was taking a course on midterm elections — now that’s perfect synergy.

Maddy’s interest in politics developed organically. Her grandfather served as a councilman in a small town and her family visited often. Talk at the dinner table frequently revolved around politics and government. “It’s never occurred to me not to make involvement in government a part of my life.”

Delving into the political process internationally, Maddy completed the University’s Irish Parliamentary Internship program in fall 2017. Sharing her desk with a congressperson, she wrote speeches and attended committee hearings when she wasn’t in class in Dublin.

Maddy’s other passion is German and Germany. She started taking German her freshman year in high school and never stopped; now she’s German Club president. Since her sophomore year, Maddy has worked part-time at the Goethe Institut, the cultural arm of the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. As a result of her work there, she had the opportunity to escort a visiting member of the German parliament while canvassing for the candidate she supported in the 2018 campaign, giving her guest first-hand experience with the American political process.

Maddy spent her 2018 spring semester in Berlin with a host family. She took a full load of classes — taught in German — at Freie Universität. Courses in German art and theatre gave her an opportunity to immerse herself in German culture. She visited German art museums, read German literature, and saw productions of the plays she was reading.

Catholic University selected Maddy to present at Research Day 2017 on a current German work satirizing popular culture. With a senior paper on German policy and diplomacy as it relates to European politics, Maddy is thinking of a career in public service.

When she’s not studying or working, Maddy’s playing on the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee competitive club team; the 2017 team finished ninth in the nation. Total immersion? Yes!