Name: Le Hoang Phu Pham

Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering/Microfluidics

Status: Ph.D. student

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Why did you choose Catholic University? I found Catholic University as a place of study in which faith and science can be in harmony. As a Catholic and scientific researcher, I yearn to contribute to the betterment of humanity under the Catholic Church influence. When I saw the writing on the University's entrance saying: "in service to Church and Nation," I knew I am in the right place.

"When I saw the writing on the University's entrance saying: 'in service to Church and Nation,' I knew I am in the right place."
– Le Hoang Phu Pham

Favorite course: ME 581 - Intro to Microfluidics & LOC. Dr. Xiaolong Luo, my advisor was the instructor of the course. The reason it is my favorite course is because it helped spark my creativity and enthusiasm in microfluidics.

Goals: Being able to contribute to humanity using my God-gifted talents as a researcher.

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a significant impact on you? Dr. Xiaolong Luo, my Ph.D. program's advisor. He received me into his lab and trained me well for the researching experience with microfluidics about how it can be applied to not only engineering but also the biology field of study. He also helped me enrich my study experience by giving me the opportunity to take the internship at FDA from summer 2019 to Spring 2020. Furthermore, he provided me the opportunity to research on a cross-field project between mechanical engineering and biology. The best thing about Dr. Luo is that he always encourages and supports his students to go all the way out for their creativity.

What makes Catholic University unique? I took advantage of being a student at the Catholic University not only for my research study but also for my faith enrichment. I was able to volunteer at the Basilica as an altar server. Being able to go crazy researching in the lab and to go serving at the altar for the Lord is the most unique experience I can possibly imagine.

Awards/recognition: Being named as finalist in the University Research Day twice, 2019 and 2020. When I heard such news, I rejoiced over the thought that my research contribution was well received. That moment encouraged me a lot on the path of striving to do research.

Proudest accomplishment: The research for my master thesis became fruitful for my advisor to seek funding for my Ph.D. study. The research was on utilizing the biopolymer chitosan membranes as fluitrodes to construct synthetic ecosystems.

An example of what Catholic University means to you: As a man of faith, I like to hear the Angelus bell at noon every day on campus coming from the Basilica as I am working in the lab. It reminds me to take a moment of prayer and reflection amid the stressful research works.