Name: William McGowan

Field of Study: B.S. in Economics and B.A. in German

Status: Undergraduate student  

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Downingtown, Pa.

Why did you choose Catholic University? I chose Catholic after meeting with representatives of the University's Economics Department. The department offered a service-based economics curriculum while also providing a strong and personal community. It was the perfect environment to grow and develop.

"The department offered a service-based economics curriculum while also providing a strong and personal community. It was the perfect environment to grow and develop."
– Will McGowan

What activities have you been involved with? I have served on the Student Government Association’s Treasury Board for three years. I am also a part of the Student Philanthropy Club and the German club.

Favorite course: If I had to pick just one, I would say Dr. Gallenstein's Econometrics class. It allowed me to handle real economic data and taught me important analytical skills. The class was also quite small and my peers and I all had a great time together.

What are your goals for the future? I hope to graduate from Catholic with a double major in Economics and German. After graduation, I am exploring the option of applying for a Fulbright Scholarship in Germany. One of my long-term goals is to travel between the United States and Germany, either in the private sector or the public sector. If I was in the public sector, I would hope for an opportunity where I could improve the economic conditions in both countries. 

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a significant impact on you? My German professors, Dr. Amanda Sheffer and Dr. Katarina Rudolf, were responsible for challenging me and inspiring me to take up German as a major. Through their courses, I realized that I could possibly combine my interest in German culture and my love for economics in my future.

What makes Catholic University unique? The community. One of the biggest advantages of Catholic is its small size. It creates a friendly environment while also providing a personal education. However, many universities and colleges limit their size for these purposes. What makes Catholic unique and stand out from these other universities is that for its small size it has a big voice. The students, faculty, and professors are passionate, and they make sure that the community around them and anyone who encounters a member of this community knows it.

Proudest accomplishment: I am most proud of the advancement of my theological and philosophical thinking here at Catholic. Although I do not major in these subjects, my philosophy and theology classes have had the biggest impact on my life and education. They have changed how I think as well as some of my core beliefs. I never attended Catholic school before coming to this university; however, I am so glad that I decided to choose a Catholic university because my faith has grown stronger, and I have realized the beauty and sanctity of life.

What Catholic University means to you: As mentioned above, the aspect that makes Catholic University so great and unique is the fact that it is so small yet has so much passion. I made this realization when serving as Secretary and Director on the Student Government Association’s Treasury Board. Here, I was able to learn about all the different student organizations at Catholic. I met the students that best exemplify the University, and most importantly, I learned about what they were passionate about and what they cared about.