The Catholic University of America is the national university of the Catholic Church in the United States, founded and sponsored by the bishops of the country with the approval of the Holy See. It is the only pontifical university in the United States and is governed under the leadership of United States bishops through the Board of Trustees. 

With its integral relationship to the Church, the Catholic University of America has unique responsibilities to be of service to the life and pastoral needs of the Church.

Established in 2023, The Office of Diocesan Engagement serves as a bridge between the University and the 194 dioceses, archdioceses, and eparchies around the country. It is a hub of initiative, strategy, coordination, and communication, providing valuable resources for the growth and fulfillment of Catholic life in the nation and beyond. 


  • Schools

    The Theological College
     In unity with the American Bishops and in affiliation with The Catholic University of America, Theological College preparees seminarians for the diocesan priesthood through attentive care to the key dimensions of formation: human, spiritual, academic, and pastoral.

    The School of Theology and Religious Studies 

    As one of Catholic University's pontifical schools authorized by the Apostolic See, the School of Theology and Religious Studies has provided theological training to lay students, seminarians, religious sisters, and some of the greatest Catholic minds for over 130 years.

    The School of Canon Law

    Our School of Canon Law is the only canon law school in the United States of America. Authorized by the Apostolic See, it offers licentiate and doctorate degrees, preparing students for the professional practice of canon law in diocesan and religious administration, in ecclesiastical tribunals, in the teaching of canon law, and for scientific canonical research.

    The School of Philosophy

    Authorized by the Apostolic See, the school of philosophy confers ecclesiastical degrees in philosophy as it guides students in their pursuit of wisdom and knowledge of the way things really are.

    The Busch School of Business- Masters in Ecclesial Administration and Management 

    The Busch School's online Master of Science in Ecclesial Administration and Management program offers skills and formation for pastors and lay people seeking to implement managerial best practices in Church institutions.

    Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art- Programs in Sacred Art and Music

    The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art boasts dynamic programs that integrate classroom learning with real world performance, production and understanding of artistic expression, research, and teaching.

    The National Catholic School for Social Service- Certificate for Child Protection and Safe Environment 

    The Child Protection and Safe Environments certificate program is designed for students who wish to study best practices in child protection from a Catholic perspective. 

    The Columbus School of Law- Centers for Religious Liberty and Law and the Human Person 

    The Columbus School of Law provides students unparalleled legal theory combined with practical experience, preparing them for successful legal practice in the 21st century.

  • Centers

    The Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education

    The Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education (ITCE) advances the distinctive excellence of Catholic education as a gift for each person and for society. 

    The Institute for Human Ecology
    The Institute for Human Ecology (IHE) is the nation’s leading academic institute committed to increasing scientific understanding of the economic, cultural, and social conditions vital for human flourishing.

  • Resources

    The Catholic Project

    The Catholic Project is an initiative from Catholic University to foster effective collaboration between the clergy and the laity of the Church in thee wake of the sexual abuse crisis.

    Catholic University Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry provides spiritual guidance to the members of our campus. This includes planning and offering masses, and coordinating liturgies, events, community service, retreats, and more.

    The National Collection for the Catholic University of America

    Gifts to the National Collection — the only second collection taken for higher education in the U.S. — support students during this crucial time and help Catholic University conduct critical research that will serve parishes and dioceses throughout the country.