Catholic University faculty and students are immersed in a culture of research. In this series we offer a sampling of the many big questions they are working on.
Anthony Cannizzaro

Can Multinationals Contribute to the Common Good?

With a background in political economics and corporate strategy, Anthony Cannizzaro is fascinated by the complex economic relationships between firms, governments, and civil society that shape the international business landscape.

What is the key question in this debate?

“There is an ongoing conversation in the public square that fundamentally challenges our notion of whether the economic institutions that govern society promote the common good and whether we have a shared understanding of what the common good even is. The result is a sea change in the global economy; the globalization of firms and markets, which has both created substantial challenges and lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty over the past 100 years, is now in question. We’re starting to step back and ask whether multinational companies and global markets truly foster genuine human flourishing.”

What role do institutions play in promoting the common good?

“Much of my work examines transparency in foreign direct investment as a way to understand the impact of specific legal and cultural institutions on firms, managers, investors, and society. I’ve found that grand challenges such as political risk and corruption frequently determine whether powerful multinational corporations support or undermine the common good.”

Anthony Cannizzaro is an assistant professor at the Busch School of Business specializing in international business and global strategy, and is the director of the school’s international business program. His research has been published in outlets including the Journal of International Business Studies, and Accounting, Organizations & Society.