Students praying

Living Our Faith 

For many, the decision to attend The Catholic University of America grows from a desire to walk the path of their faith. Your next four years will be spent alongside friends, mentors, teachers, spiritual guides, and allies who — like you — seek daily strength and virtue by living and learning within the light of Catholic faith.

Within our faith community, that light shines across every aspect of our intellectual pursuit, student experience, global exploration, community service, and prayer-centered awareness. At the center of the University's faith life is the Office of Campus Ministry.


Deus Lux Mea Est
"God Is My Light"

Our ministry in made up of many branches…

Faith Development

At The Catholic University of America, you are encouraged to take your faith as deep and as wide as you desire. Through fellowship you will form friendships that last, built upon a strong foundation of faith, and have every opportunity to lean further into your relationship with God.

Prayer and Worship

Make the most out of the beautiful, sacred spaces, right here on campus and across the greater Washington D.C. area., where communities of any faith can gather to pray and worship.

Student Ministry Groups

Our ministry-focused student groups such as Esto Vir (brotherhood), Gratia Plena (sisterhood), Catholic Athletes for Christ, and many more enliven student experience and carry out their important work on behalf of the Gospel. 

Service Opportunities

Join a community of students, faculty, and staff who give of themselves in the service of others. Through a number of community service opportunities they become a voice for peace and justice on campus and in the community through education, reflection and social action.

Campus Ministry

Faith is alive at Catholic University. Our students live out the Gospel call to love God and neighbor through liturgy, service, mission trips, student ministry, and a genuine sense of community where everyone is welcomed and valued.