Taking Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual-Enrollment courses allow students to challenge themselves with classes taught at the college level while still in high school. While not required for admission, we encourage you to take advantage of these options if they’re offered at your school, as these courses can provide a strong academic foundation and preparation for the rigor of the classes taught here at Catholic University.

AP, IB, and Dual-Enrollment courses also give students the option to earn college credit that can then be transferred to Catholic. These credits are evaluated by the faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences, and can be awarded a few different ways.

  • AP Credits

    AP Credits are awarded bases on the qualifying score achieved by a student on the AP Exam; typically a score of 4 or 5 is required to receive credit. The required exam score and corresponding credit hours awarded can be found on this chart. For more information on Advanced Placement requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Studies website

  • IB Credits

    IB Credits are likewise awarded based on the qualifying scores earned by students on the IB examinations; corresponding exams and scores can be found here. Credits are only awarded for students who complete the full IB Diploma program and take the Higher Level (HL) exam. For more information on International Baccalaureate requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Studies website

  • Dual-Enrollment Courses

    Dual Enrollment can take many forms, including (but not limited to) taking courses at a local college or university, taking courses in high school sponsored or hosted by a local college or university, or possibly taking courses online while still in high school.

    Please refer to the Course Equivalents by State page to view courses that have been previously evaluated. If a course has not yet been evaluated, please send a copy of the syllabus to cua-transfercredit@cua.edu. Students must have a grade of C- or better in an evaluated course to be considered for evaluation. AP and IB credits are posted by your school at Catholic University. Questions about specific classes and credits can be directed to your school or the Transfer Coordinator at CUA-transfercredit@cua.edu

    For all other questions or concerns, please reach out to CUA-transfercredit@cua.edu.

Dual-Enrollment credits are evaluated by the Transfer-Credit Coordinator. Questions can be sent to CUA-transfercredit@cua.edu