Students transferring to Catholic University from other academic colleges or universities undergo a transfer credit evaluation after being admitted to the University.

All transfer courses must be evaluated for equivalency before credit is given, and credit may be denied for courses that do not meet the appropriate criteria.

Please review all of the resources available on this site before contacting the Transfer Credit Office with questions. We also highly encourage you to utilize the course equivalency list while planning your transfer application and credit process.

Transfer Process Overview
A general overview of the transfer process for incoming transfer students.

Incoming Transfer Students
Find out what to expect during the credit transfer process, and get connected to advising and other campus resources.

Read policies relevant to transfer of credit to make sure that your courses meet all of the necessary criteria.

Questions? See if we've already answered them on our FAQ page.

Course Equivalent List
A comprehensive list of courses, divided by state and college/university, already evaluated by the Transfer Credit Coordinator.

If you still have further questions about transferring credit, please contact the Transfer Credit Office.