Name: Chris Wysocki

Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering — Energy and Environment Concentration

Status: Undergraduate student  

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Blacksburg, Va.

Why did you choose Catholic University? I really like the well rounded education that Catholic University provides. I can prepare myself for my career and for my entire life. BAS (Building Automation Systems) controls engineering is a field with a wide variety of knowledge and skills, so having Catholic to equip me with the tools I need to learn outside of the classroom has been very fruitful for me.

"I was amazed at how useful that (Electric Networks) class was in my internship as I used the skills I gained almost every day."
– Chris Wysocki

What activities have you been involved with? I have primarily been involved with Cardinals for Life, serving on the E-board for two years as a formation chair and as a sidewalk chair. One interesting thing I have done is volunteer for the Vigil for Life overnight. I am also a member of the Catholic University Esports team.

Favorite course: I really enjoyed Electric Networks. I was amazed at how useful that class was in my internship as I used the skills I gained almost every day. I have found it useful in my daily life as well.

What are your goals? Thanks to my internship, I have really taken and interest to BAS controls and HVAC engineering. I would love to work in either of those fields after graduation.

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a significant impact on you? My calculus professor Dr. Curtis Holliman was really helpful in forming a great math foundation that is necessary for my engineering classes. He was really engaging and removed the burdensome feeling when learning complicated topics.

What makes Catholic University unique? Catholic University is a bubble. It has a small community feel even in the middle of a city. This is also true ideologically. At CatholicU, I have learned about Catholicism in a safe and truthful environment so that I can leave the bubble and practice my faith in a well equipped way.

Awards/recognition: I am a member of the University Honors Program. I am a NAE grand challenges scholar. I am also a member of Phi Eta SIgma.

Proudest accomplishment: I am most proud of my internship. I was able to use the career fair (sponsored by the University's Center for Academic and Career Success) to find exactly what I want to do in my career. Additionally, I was able to work on the University's energy project which was really rewarding.

What Catholic University means to you: Experiences like sidewalk prayer exemplify Catholic University to me. It is such a simple yet consistent and powerful witness.