Name: Abby Anger

Field of Study: Double Major in Politics and Psychology with a double minor in Hispanic Studies and Theology and Religious Studies

Status: Undergraduate student  

Graduation Year: 2022

Hometown: Mandeville, Louisiana

Why did you choose Catholic University? I came to Catholic University to more fully develop and live out my faith in the nation's capital. As a politics major, Washington, D.C., has a very obvious and special draw, but as a young Catholic woman — the opportunity to learn from scholars devoted to defining the Catholic Church’s place in the modern world has been the ultimate blessing.

"The opportunity to thrive on campus through leadership roles in Campus Ministry and the Student Government Association, while holding internships off campus exemplifies The Catholic University experience."
– Abby Anger

What activities have you been involved with? During my time at Catholic University I have been very fortunate to serve my fellow students as both a Student Minister and Student Government Association Executive Secretary, while holding three unique internships in Washington, D.C. With the virtual semester for upperclassmen, Student Ministers set about redefining how we served our peers. We held virtual Bible studies, prayer nights, and coffee hours to ensure that even though the upperclassmen might not have been physically on campus this semester, they continued to feel part of the Catholic University community. Last spring, I was also elected by the undergraduate student body to the position of Student Government Executive Secretary. In this role, I have been fortunate to work to expand our communication efforts during a time when the need for communication is more important to student success than ever. 

Favorite course: My favorite course was “The Church in Dialogue with Contemporary Culture” with Dr. Jospeh Capizzi. I took this course last spring, and we read Gaudim Et Spes, a Vatican II document on Catholic Social Teaching. Dr. Capizzi led many interesting conversations during which we applied the document and its lessons of how our modern Catholic faith is called to interact with the outside world and to the coronavirus pandemic.

What are your goals? I have been discerning what God may be calling me to do after I graduate from Catholic University, and through conversations with professors and advisors in the Office of Campus Ministry I know that long-term service is my next step. While I’ve been looking at several opportunities, I have most recently been considering Teach for America. I grew up in the deep South and come from a family of teachers, so the opportunity to serve the same people and community that has made me who I am would be an incredible gift, and one The Catholic University of America has prepared me well for.

Is there a faculty or staff member who has made a significant impact on you? I have a particularly close relationship with the University Women's Minister, Amanda Ceraldi. Amanda is my faculty supervisor for Campus Ministry, and works closely with me in my role as a Student Minister. This year she has guided me both professionally as a Student Minister, and personally as a friend in my personal faith life. Amanda, like many people I have come to cherish during my time at Catholic University, will be a lifelong friend.

What makes Catholic University unique? Catholic University’s position as a premier academic institution in the nation's capital allows for students to have limitless experiences and opportunities. While holding leadership positions through Campus Ministry and Student Government, I have also been fortunate to hold three internships — with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), and The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. The opportunity to thrive on campus through leadership roles in Campus Ministry and the Student Government Association, while holding internships off campus exemplifies the Catholic University experience.

Awards/recognition: During my freshman year I took “Introduction to Comparative Politics” with Dr. Jonathan Askonas, and we were challenged to complete high-level academic research on an international institution and its relationship to modern political culture. I completed my research on the regional and federal dynamics of India as they relate to the national government’s policy on industrial modernization in the face of high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. My research “Federalism in India’s Effect on Climate Change Policy” was selected to be published in the Catholic University Undergraduate Research Journal, Inventio.

Proudest accomplishment: I am proud of the person that Catholic University has helped me become. This University is undoubtedly special; our faith-based community and the opportunities we are afforded by our location have shaped me into a strong woman of faith ready for the next steps — wherever they may take me.

What Catholic University means to you: As a freshman, I was confirmed through the University RCIA program. The gift of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation during my first year perfectly embodies the continued blessings that the Holy Spirit has brought me through the people and community at our University.